Category: Chicken

Classic Chicken Salad

I love this chicken salad! It is creamy and crunchy and cool and refreshing and exactly the flavor profile I like in chicken salad. It always seems like just the right sort of thing for a spring or… Read More

Flavors for Cinco de Mayo

As the calendar switches over to May, there are some great excuses to bake and cook coming up. For me, every day is an excuse to bake, but there are some legitimate things happening this week. Sunday is… Read More

Asian Glazed Skillet Chicken

This Asian Glazed Chicken is one of my favorite main dishes in the winter, that is, when I am not eating soup. I do a lot of grilling in the summer, and interestingly, one of my favorite summer… Read More

Mini Chicken Verde Tacos

If you haven’t already planned your snacks for the Super Bowl on Sunday, you may want to add this one to your list. These mini tacos are full of flavor and a little bit of kick, but they… Read More

Baked Chicken Wings

Wings are a great option for a main dish, but I also know there is a big football game or something coming up soon, and these wings would be a perfect addition to your assortment of delicious snacks… Read More