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Cracker Toffee

I am a big fan of toffee. I recently heard someone at church say she “didn’t really care for toffee,” and it was incomprehensible to me. Heath or Skor bars are among my favorites. If I splurge on… Read More

Gingerbread Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

Almost everything that comes out of my kitchen around Christmas seems to be peppermint or peanut butter, but there are a few exceptions. These gingerbread bars, of course, contain no peanut butter nor peppermint. They are gingery, molasses… Read More

Two Easy Peanut Butter Treats {Butterscotch Crunchies and Ritz Cookies}

Today I am sharing two of the easiest treats I make at Christmastime that always get rave reviews. They both involve peanut butter and neither one of them requires the oven. Share This:

Peppermint Popcorn

Since tomorrow is the first day of December, I think it is officially time to start sharing Christmas goodies. Of course I will share. 🙂 I grew up with a fair amount of popcorn in my life. Every… Read More