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Decorated Cakes

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here on the blog lately. I thought summer would bring a little more rest and a lightened schedule to our lives, but it seems my days have been overflowing from one… Read More

Pound Cake with Strawberry Swirl

Strawberry again. Don’t you love it? I do, especially this time of year when the berries are so big and beautiful and juicy and sweet. The price is right this time of year too. Share This:

Real Strawberry Cupcakes and Strawberry Buttercream

It is hard to find a strawberry cake recipe that doesn’t start with a strawberry cake mix or include strawberry jello. These cupcakes are made entirely from scratch and include REAL STRAWBERRIES, if you can imagine that, and… Read More

Flavors for Cinco de Mayo

As the calendar switches over to May, there are some great excuses to bake and cook coming up. For me, every day is an excuse to bake, but there are some legitimate things happening this week. Sunday is… Read More

Grandma’s Crazy Cake

So have you heard any good polka music lately? I suppose some would argue that they have NEVER heard any good polka music, but I beg to differ. The polka music that played on my Grandma Rohde’s kitchen… Read More