Category: Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes

My church does an All-Saints Carnival every year as close to November 1st as possible. There are little carnival games the kids can play and, depending on their performance, earn tickets which can be redeemed for prizes later…. Read More

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Did the picture make you do a doubletake? When I made these for a church function, many people came over just to see how and why the ice cream wasn’t melting. There’s no ice cream. When I told… Read More

Teddy Bears’ Beach Vacation Cupcakes

I actually live in Colorado, but for about two weeks now, it has felt and looked more like Seattle. Rain. Hail. More rain. Flooding basements. Rain. Clouds. It’s not normal for here. We are usually known for having… Read More

Shamrock Shake (Minty) Cupcakes

Have you recovered from Pi Day yet? I hope you had the opportunity to eat some good pie or other circular foods. Whew! The fun and craziness never stop around here. On Saturday we ate chocolate chip pancakes,… Read More