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Fruit Pizza

Labor Day Recipe Roundup

Even though it is not the end of summer yet according to the calendar, Labor Day marks the end of summer for many people. It is traditionally the “last hurrah” before school begins. It marks the closing day… Read More

Grilled Pizza

I am sure you can guess that I try a lot of new recipes quite often. Luckily, my boyfriend is pretty open about trying new things and rarely complains. (I will never hear the end of “Tater Tot… Read More

Asian Grilled Chicken

I love, love, love this chicken. I often get a craving for the wonderful flavor profile it has–ginger, garlic, brown sugar, lime juice, and my favorite part of the chicken–thighs. Other than my daughter, who despises chicken, everyone… Read More

Grilled Flank Steak

I used to have sexist ideas about grilling–males grill and females cook or bake. I also used to be kind of afraid of the grill–it might blow up on me or I’ll get burned or I’ll char all… Read More