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Veggie and Bacon Omelet

I am sorry that I was missing in action last week at Christine’s Taste of Heaven. I made desserts for a wedding that took place on Friday and all of my time for the whole week was spent… Read More

Mom’s Fresh Apple Cake

Normally, I would wait until closer to fall to post about apples, but I have been visiting in my hometown the last few weeks, and my brother had some apples that needed to be used, and my mom… Read More

Southwestern Egg Casserole

Can you believe we are already winding down May? Many of the area schools finished up on Friday, and we are now on summer break. It sure doesn’t feel like it in the cool and rainy weather. It… Read More

Mini Crustless Bacon, Cheddar, Spinach Quiche

Mini Crustless Bacon, Cheddar, Spinach Quiche

For many people Easter breakfast is kind of a big deal. You can’t just have cornflakes and a glass of orange juice and call it a day. Not even Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Fruity Pebbles will do. Easter… Read More

Easter Empty Tomb Rolls

Years and years ago, one of my friends had a young son who was learning about the meaning of Easter, and his summary of her teaching was, “It’s not about the bunny!” If you are looking for a… Read More