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Wonton Pizza Cupcakes

Like most kids, my kids love pizza almost anytime anywhere. I have a whole section of my recipe binder that is titled “Pizza,” and I have found that it comes in many different formats. Of course there is… Read More

Acorns and Turkeys

Aren’t these things adorable? I am sure many of you have seen these many times before, but this is our rendition. If you are looking for some no-bake treats the kids can help make and that the kids… Read More

Dirt and Worms

This started out as kind of a practical joke on my youngest daughter. Whenever she finishes a meal, she always asks if she can have dessert; however, until recently, she pronounced it as “dirt.” “Mommy, can I have… Read More

Teddy Bears’ Beach Vacation Cupcakes

I actually live in Colorado, but for about two weeks now, it has felt and looked more like Seattle. Rain. Hail. More rain. Flooding basements. Rain. Clouds. It’s not normal for here. We are usually known for having… Read More

Easter Empty Tomb Rolls

Years and years ago, one of my friends had a young son who was learning about the meaning of Easter, and his summary of her teaching was, “It’s not about the bunny!” If you are looking for a… Read More