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Classic Chicken Salad

I love this chicken salad! It is creamy and crunchy and cool and refreshing and exactly the flavor profile I like in chicken salad. It always seems like just the right sort of thing for a spring or… Read More

Wonton Pizza Cupcakes

Like most kids, my kids love pizza almost anytime anywhere. I have a whole section of my recipe binder that is titled “Pizza,” and I have found that it comes in many different formats. Of course there is… Read More

Veggie and Bacon Omelet

I am sorry that I was missing in action last week at Christine’s Taste of Heaven. I made desserts for a wedding that took place on Friday and all of my time for the whole week was spent… Read More

Lump Soup: Soup with the Yellow Lumps

If you ask my Johnson cousins about their favorite foods while growing up, “soup with the yellow lumps” is sure to be near the top of the list. My immediate family also knows about lump soup because my… Read More

Tuna Wrap

If you are looking for a quick and cool lunch idea, this tuna wrap is great. It’s a little fancier than a plain old tuna sandwich with the addition of some vegetables and shoe string potatoes for crunch…. Read More