Grilled Flank Steak

grillI used to have sexist ideas about grilling–males grill and females cook or bake. I also used to be kind of afraid of the grill–it might blow up on me or I’ll get burned or I’ll char all the food. A disaster was sure to happen. I was also held back by a mild fear of fire. To this day, I cannot light a regular match the right way, and I’m not sure I’ve ever successfully lit a common cigarette lighter. I have to use wooden matches or one of those torch lighting things if I need a flame to light birthday candles or to light a grill. Anything else is too scary.

Thankfully, a dozen years or so ago, I was given a hand-me-down grill and a brief lesson and decided to be brave and give it a try. I would certainly never consider myself a grill master, but I cannot imagine cooking without a grill anymore; I use it all year long. I love food off the grill–vegetables, chicken, pork chops, steak, fish, even pizza. It is just so good. Now, I know the true grill masters would scoff at me and my gas grill, but I love it. I am not yet ready for “real” grilling with charcoal and all that. Charcoal grilling is still a mystery to me, but this gas grill thing is pretty amazing and easy; you should try it!

I have tried a lot of different recipes on the grill over the years, and this flank steak is near the top of the list of my favorites. The combination of the marinade and the grill gives this steak such a wonderful flavor. I actually find myself craving the flavor occasionally.

Since I use the recipe as is from Our Best Bites, I will link you to their site for the recipe. Their post explains about the cut of meat and how to prepare it. At the bottom of their post is a link to print the recipe. (I have always been able to find a two pack of flank steak at Costco, but I am not sure which other stores carry it. You may have to ask.)

**The marinade is made with pineapple juice. You can drain a can of pineapple chunks to get the juice and then use the pineapple for rice or another use. This is where I always used to get my pineapple juice, but I found myself often letting the pineapple go to waste. (My kids were not fans of the pineapple rice.) Now I buy a large can of pineapple juice occasionally. I will use what I need for the recipe and then freeze the rest in 1 cup portions. The next time I want to make the recipe, I just take out one of my frozen containers of juice and have no waste.

I hope you give this steak a try. Again, it is one of my grill favorites.

(This is an additional link for a pineapple rice recipe at Our Best Bites to serve with the steak.)

Source: Our Best Bites (Click the blue words to get to the recipe.)




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