Category: Cookies

Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies

Are Cadbury Mini Eggs one of the love languages? I think they are my boyfriend’s love language. Well……them and beer. Share This:

Mom’s Peanut Blossoms {Valentine Edition}

Does anyone else remember eating these cookies with Brach’s chocolate stars on them instead of candy kisses? Even though I am not a big fan of chocolate all by itself, I have always loved chocolate that is wrapped …

Sugar Cookie Bars

Time is running out for Christmas baking. I can’t believe we are only four days away from the big day. One of the recipes I have wanted to share is sugar cookies. For many people, decorated sugar cookies …

Two Easy Peanut Butter Treats {Butterscotch Crunchies and Ritz Cookies}

Today I am sharing two of the easiest treats I make at Christmastime that always get rave reviews. They both involve peanut butter and neither one of them requires the oven. Share This:

Acorns and Turkeys

Aren’t these things adorable? I am sure many of you have seen these many times before, but this is our rendition. If you are looking for some no-bake treats the kids can help make and that the kids …