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White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake… My church holds a fundraising auction for missionary projects every spring, and one of the biggest money makers of the whole thing is a dessert auction. Of course, I am all over this and have to hold… Read More

Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake

Even though Colorado received another blast of winter this past weekend, today’s recipe is bursting with springy, sunshiny flavors. This blueberry lemon cake will make you forget all about the blowing snow outside.  Share This:

Carrot Cake

I had really hoped to post this carrot cake before Easter because it seems like such a fitting dessert for the holiday–it’s what we had yesterday–but the end of the week and weekend were busier than I expected,… Read More

Orange Dream Torte

It is still February, and we have a bit of winter yet to get through, but if you’d like a little taste of spring or even summer, this may be the dessert for you. Remember orange creamsicle ice… Read More

Strawberry Squares

Looks can be deceiving. We all know that and yet we still judge people and things by how they look. These bars don’t look like anything special–kind of plain, not a bit of chocolate–and yet every time I… Read More