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Dirt and Worms

This started out as kind of a practical joke on my youngest daughter. Whenever she finishes a meal, she always asks if she can have dessert; however, until recently, she pronounced it as “dirt.” “Mommy, can I have… Read More

Mom’s Fresh Apple Cake

Normally, I would wait until closer to fall to post about apples, but I have been visiting in my hometown the last few weeks, and my brother had some apples that needed to be used, and my mom… Read More

Strawberries and cream cake roll

Strawberries and Cream Cake Roll

If you like strawberry shortcake, you will most likely enjoy this dessert because it is basically strawberry shortcake in a roll. This dessert would be a great Mother’s Day treat, ladies’ luncheon dessert, or a tasty addition to… Read More

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie

Do you have all of your party planning finished for Shakespeare’s birthday on Thursday? You are celebrating, aren’t you? You shouldn’t be surprised that I am bringing up this subject. I have warned you multiple times that I… Read More