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Roasted Cauliflower

I try to serve vegetables or fruit with almost every meal. My kids prefer green beans or sometimes a lettuce salad, but I get tired of having the same thing all the time. In the summer, I could… Read More

Baked Potato Skins

These potato skins are.so.good. With New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day this week and some sport (football, I think?) on the next many weekends, I figured now is the time to share some appetizer recipes. I know… Read More

10-Minute Sweet and Creamy Coleslaw

Here is another classic barbecue side dish. Coleslaw. Some like it vinegary and tangy, and some like it sweet and creamy. You can probably guess which camp I choose by my title and picture. Sweet and creamy all… Read More

Caprese Salad {a few options}

I love this salad, appetizer, lunch…thingy. Caprese salad is a simple combination of fairly basic ingredients, but it makes my mouth so happy. The flavor combination is amazing. If you wait until you can get some home-grown tomatoes… Read More