Fitbit Crazy

worn outHow are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

Yeah, like many people, I resolved to be healthier in the new year. A friend of mine received some sobering news from her doctor in December indicating that she really needed to get more active and make better eating choices. I knew I needed to take the same kind of action (yet again), so I offered to be an accountability partner. My friend bought herself and me a Fitbit HR for Christmas, so we could motivate each other to be more active.

Little did I know that I would lose my mind in the process.

After using the Fitbit for over three months, I have come to the conclusion that we grown-ups are really still four-years-old on the inside and will do anything for a (digital) sticker. Or, maybe it’s just my friend and me?

Exercise to…

feel better?

have more energy?

lose weight?

win money?

stay alive longer?

Nah. I’ll pass. Those things aren’t that motivating.

Exercise to…

earn a picture of a little hiking boot or gold trophy on your Fitbit app that no one else will likely ever see?

get another dot on a digital display on your phone?

feel a slight vibration on your wrist when you meet your step goal for the day?

Oh yeah. I’ll do it for THAT.

Am I the only one who has lost my mind over the Fitbit? Is there a class action suit or anything like that against the makers that I am not aware of yet? I have done some crazy stuff in the last three months.

  • If you have ever pushed your cart at the grocery store with only your dominant (non-Fitbit) hand to ensure you get credit for your steps…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you now park in the far reaches of the Walmart parking lot to get more steps…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If simply parking farther away in the parking lot wasn’t enough, and you actually walked to the store from your home…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you have suddenly broken your former habit of trying to carry every grocery bag in from the car in one trip even if it killed you to now making as many trips as possible…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you find yourself walking laps around your coffee table at 11:00 at night because you are only 236 steps away from the next thousand and you’d sleep much more easily going to bed with an even 9,000 steps for the day than an awkward 8,764. Obviously. You might be Fitbit crazy. (and a little OCD)my block
  • If your kids are in bed, but you realize you are far short of your step goal, and the laps around the coffee table aren’t going to be enough, but you don’t want to go to jail for leaving your kids home alone, and you find yourself outside in the dark pacing back and forth on your block to the dismay of your neighbors…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you now brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand to get credit for just a few more steps…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If the last thing you do before jumping into the shower is to remove your Fitbit and the first thing you do when you get out of the shower is to put your Fitbit back on…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you begrudge the once or twice a week that your Fitbit has to be plugged into a charger…you might be Fitbit crazy.charging
  • If you leave home a half-hour early to pick up your kids from school, park right by the school, and then walk away from the school (leading other parents to ask you if you aren’t going the wrong way) and into the neighborhood around the school before picking up your kids…you might be Fitbit crazy.
  • If you get invited to do a week-long Fitbit step challenge, and you suddenly get motivated to walk 27,000 steps IN ONE DAY and over 100,000 steps in five day, you may be a little overly competitive and…you might have LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND.


I think Fitbit gets me.

I may have gone a little Fitbit crazy.

Wanna join me and be my Fitbit friend?

*There are no affiliate links in this post. I was not compensated in any way for this mental breakdown.

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4 Comments on “Fitbit Crazy

  1. Here’s yer sign. (I’m already wearing my sign; it’s a Fitbit.)

    I’m right there with you. I won’t move for my health, but I’ll walk for a dot on the screen!

  2. Hilarious. I’Ve done most of these!!!!

    And I’ve got another one…

    If you go hiking with your family and your youngest wants to hold your hand but you switch him to the “non fitbit” hand just so you will still be able to swing your arm and count steps, you are definitely fitbit crazy!

    • 🙂 I forgot about that one. I do that too when I pick her up from kindergarten. Bandit kept wanting to be on my left also, but I didn’t want to hold the leash with that hand in case it impeded my step count.

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