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Mini S’mores Pies {no-bake}

So we went camping in our driveway on Friday night. My boyfriend bought a 1973 Starcraft pop-up camper a few weeks ago, and we wanted to try it out, but it’s a 1973 camper, so we wanted to …

Dirt and Worms

This started out as kind of a practical joke on my youngest daughter. Whenever she finishes a meal, she always asks if she can have dessert; however, until recently, she pronounced it as “dirt.” “Mommy, can I have …

Perfect Rice Krispie Bars

Everyone can make Rice Krispie Bars, right? Rice Krispie Bars are one of those basic cooking staples that is often the first thing a young cook learns to make, right? Um….not always. Not in my case.  Share This:


Scotcheroos {no bake}

I feel like a failure at making Rice Krispies treats. I know. These are probably the first recipe that many people ever made on their own as kids, and I, who supposedly know something about baking, struggle with …