Candy Carrots

candy carrots

My kids and I have a plot in the community garden at our church, and there was an event there this past weekend for which I made cupcakes. I thought these candy carrots made a fitting, fun, and festive decoration for the garden event, but they would also be a great accent for carrot cake or other carrot based bars or desserts. (I will have to share this chocolate cupcake recipe another time because I did not have time to get detailed pictures of them and the process this time. There is a fabulous surprise ganache filling inside that I want you to see. Chocolate fans love them.) In the meantime, you could easily make a box mix of cupcakes or cake or use your favorite recipe. Brownies would work too.

I think the carrots look super cute, but they are not very complicated at all. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but even I could sculpt carrots that look pretty darn good. You will be able to do it too.

Materials:candy carrot materials

  • orange Starburst, Tootsie Rolls or other malleable candy
  • green Twizzlers or pull ‘n’ peel Twizzlers (I found these at Walmart)
  • a wooden skewer or something similar for making holes in the Starburst
  • a paring knife


  1. Cut each orange Starburst candy in half. (If your candy is extra hard, you can microwave one or two halves at a time for about 5 seconds.)cut starburst and twizzlers
  2. Shape each half piece of candy into a carrot. Squeeze one end into a tapered point and roll the rest between your fingers or on your palm to round the edges. roll it in your palm
  3. Use your skewer to poke into the top end of the carrot. Make the hole depth about 1/3 of the length of the whole carrot. Twist and wiggle the skewer a little to make a good-sized hole.


  4. Separate the pull ‘n’ peel Twizzlers into strings and then cut two or three pieces that are an appropriate length for your carrot tops. If you have regular Twizzlers instead of the pull ‘n’ peel, you will need to cut it into little strings.
  5. Use your fingers and the skewer to stuff one and then the other green string into the top of the carrot. Reshape the carrot if it got squished during the process.
  6. Use your paring knife to make slight horizontal impressions down the shaft of the carrot.


  7. Set aside the carrot to use as a decoration for your cupcakes, brownies, cake, or other dessert. Repeat until you have enough carrots for your project.


Source: I originally saw the idea for the carrots and cupcakes at Our Best Bites.

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