Beef and Broccoli

beef and broccoliBeef and broccoli is my second favorite Chinese food, so before I found this recipe, I almost never got to eat it. We don’t go out to eat super often, and the kids have so far not been big fans of Chinese food, so when we do go out for Chinese, I always want to order my favorite dish which is sesame chicken.  I get to enjoy beef and broccoli at Chinese buffets, but we really try to limit our visits to buffets.

I was optimistic when I first tried this recipe a few years back. I had tried a handful of other beef and broccoli recipes that were just mediocre, but this one looked and sounded really good. I was not disappointed and have been making it ever since. Added bonus: It is made entirely on the stove, so no extra heat in the house from an oven. 

I use this recipe as is from Brown Eyed Baker, so I am going to send you to her site for the actual recipe, but I will share a few photos and tips here.

Beef and Broccoli

  • This recipe does call for a few more “exotic” ingredients that the average home cook may not keep on hand. I found all of the ingredients in my usual neighborhood Walmart.
  • The meat in this dish is beef flank steak. I usually find it in a two pack at Costco. You could probably use another cut if desired, but I have only made it with flank. Flank steak is a big flat piece of meat. Here I am only using half of a full steak. I used the other half for a grilled flank steak recipe.  flank steak piece
  • I like my beef and broccoli a little saucier than the original recipe, so I usually make 1 and 1/2 times the sauce.
  • I have found that a key to this dish is the timing of the broccoli. If it gets overcooked, I don’t like the dish nearly as well. It should still be bright green and slightly crunchy when finished.
  • We usually have white rice with this, but you could eat it without or use brown rice or fried rice instead.

    Source: Brown Eyed Baker

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