Labor Day Recipe Roundup

Fruit Pizza

Even though it is not the end of summer yet according to the calendar, Labor Day marks the end of summer for many people. It is traditionally the “last hurrah” before school begins. It marks the closing day for many community pools, amusement parks, and state fairs. Growing up in Minnesota, it was always the last day before school started and the last day of the hometown festival.

My kids have already been in school for a month here in Colorado, but this weekend still does seem like a turning point of sorts. We will still break out the grill many more times and wear our sandals a little longer, but this seems like the last weekend for community picnics, mass grilling, and the sweet freedom of summer. After this weekend, we will be diving into all things warm and cozy, and apple and pumpkin.

To help you get ready for any last picnics or barbecues you may be planning for this weekend, I am doing a round up of the recipes I have shared so far that would be great additions to a picnic, barbecue, or potluck you may be attending or hosting. There are desserts, appetizers, main dishes, and sides.

I hope you have a delicious weekend ahead. 


  1. Frozen Banana Popsfrozen banana pops2
  2. Mini S’mores Pies {no bake}DSCN7272
  3. Perfect Rice Krispie Barsperfect piece
  4. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakescherry on top_01
  5. Teddy Bears at the Beach CupcakesBears on the beach.
  6. Fruit PizzaI can't do random, so I always end up with a pattern of some kind.
  7. ScotcheroosScotcheroos
  8. Chocolate Chip CookiesFilling up the basket.
  9. Lemon BarsLemon Bars
  10. Monster CookiesDSCN4782


  1. Green Onion Wrapsgreen onion wraps in bowl
  2. Caprese SaladCaprese bites
  3. Deviled EggsClassic deviled eggs

Side Dishes:

  1. Tuna Saladmoms classic tuna salad
  2. Taco SaladTossed taco salad.
  3. Coleslaw10 minute coleslaw
  4. Broccoli Saladbroccoli salad
  5. Grilled Vegetablesgrilled vegetables
  6. Italian Pasta SaladItalian pasta salad
  7. Fruit SaladMom 10 minute fruit salad

Main Dishes:

  1. Asian Grilled Chickenasian grilled chicken
  2. Grilled Flank Steakflank steak
  3. Teriyaki Burger with Grilled PineappleTeriyaki burger with grilled pineapple
  4. Root Beer Pulled PorkRoot Beer Pulled Pork
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