Flavors for Cinco de Mayo

mexican stuffed shellsAs the calendar switches over to May, there are some great excuses to bake and cook coming up. For me, every day is an excuse to bake, but there are some legitimate things happening this week. Sunday is Mother’s Day; I’ll be sure to set out my snow boots to wear with my dress since we’ve had significant snow the last two years in a row. Thursday is Cinco de Mayo which is a great time to splurge on southwest and Mexican flavors.Tres Leches CakeLast year I posted some of my very favorite dishes around Cinco de Mayo. I’m going to reshare them in case you missed them or forgot about them, and I have also rounded up all the other Mexican flavors from my blog. If nothing else, you have to try the Sopaipilla Cheesecake. It couldn’t be easier, and it always gets rave reviews. You begin with two rolls of premade crescent rolls, for goodness sake! I promise you will be beloved if you make the cheesecake.

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  1. Sopaipilla Cheesecake: One of the easiest and most loved desserts I make. You have a creamy sweet middle layer sandwiched between two layers of baked crescent dough. The fabulous sugar-cinnamon-butter-honey topping will make your taste buds do the salsa. It is divine. Sopapilla Cheesecake piece
  2. Tres Leches Cake: When I first made this, I never dreamed it would taste so good. The ingredients seem pretty standard and even bland. No oozing caramel or delicious chunks of fruit to tantalize. Instead, you have the moistest cake ever spiked with a hint of cinnamon flavor and topped with cool and creamy fresh whipped cream and a cherry on top. Tres Leches Cake

Main Dishes:

  1. Baked Chicken Taquitos: These are crisp and full of flavor without being too hot. They can be made ahead of time and frozen to bake when you need them. Baked chicken taquitos
  2. Southwest Chopped Salad: This salad is filling and refreshing. It can be made into a meal with the addition of chicken or served alongside taquitos or another main dish. Mexican chopped salad
  3. Taco Salad: This probably isn’t too authentically Mexican, but it is still one of my favorite meals.Tossed taco salad.
  4. Taco Soup: Yummmmmy. All the flavors you love in the form of a soup. Super easy and super delicious.serving 3
  5. Mexican Stuffed Shells: One of my kids’ favorites. Pasta + Tacos. What’s not to love?mexican stuffed shells
  6. Fiesta Chicken Casserole: I LOVE this casserole. I had no idea Minute Rice could taste so good. up close
  7. Chicken Tortilla Soup: Another super easy and flavorful meal beginning with a base of spicy V-8 juice and chicken broth.chicken tortilla soup1
  8. Mini Chicken Verde Tacos: Great as an appetizer or as part of a light meal. Once the filling is mixed up, these only take about four minutes in the oven!tacos


  1. Southwestern Egg Casserole: This is still the best breakfast casserole I have ever had. Lots of flavor!Southwest Breakfast Casserole

I hope you find something good to try. I know gathering this list has inspired me to make some of these recipes soon. 🙂

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  1. Would you share your recipe for taco seasoning? It is so handy to use this mixture.

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